Theo&Julia Children''s Magazine

The new monthly, digital, animated and interactive magazine for children aged 3-8

*** Designed for a global audience, for kids from all over the world and from all cultures

*** An educational and entertaining tool with new original characters

Dear parents,

I would like to share with you my ideas about this magazine, why I created it with so much passion and why I so strongly believe in this project.

The great purpose for this new magazine designed for kids from all cultures is to get involved not only in children’s cognitive skills or in playing activities but also to stimulate their conscious growth as individuals belonging to the wider community of the world. Children are everyone’s future: they are now the best hope for their future.

Let’s show our children how beautiful our world and our planet earth are; how many different places and cultures we can meet and learn from; how many amazing stories and adventures we can read and live; how many different emotions we can feel; how many dreams and hopes people can share; how the universal language of art, music and emotions can bond people together.

Let’s help them see beauty in small simple things. Let’s encourage them to be curious and open-minded. Let’s show them how respect is not only a beautiful word but a deep way of being, the key for everyone’s soul or behavior, children or adult.

These are my guiding ideas. I know it’s huge. I can’t overwhelm children with speech that they could not understand but I can create for them little experiences where they can live those moods in a natural and intuitive way through little things, little games, little images, little stories that day after day, together with tons of their everyday life’s details, might help building responsible, respectful and loving adult.

“All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it.”
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Giovanna, Ebooks&Kids Editor

This magazine allows children to have fun and to stimulate their curiosity while putting together different essential activities and games:

  • Creativity Games that stimulate children’s creativity and imagination and help building the bridge between fantasy and reality;
  • Building games that help reaching new levels on visual and spatial skills and abilities;
  • Memory and observation games to develop memory, observation while improving eye-hand coordination;
  • Activities, games and puzzles to empower decision-making, problem solving skills and logical original thinking;
  • First words in main languages to get in touch with the world around;
  • Fun videos;
  • Short stories and Theo’s favorite books: the importance of reading to get in touch with emotions;
  • Theo’s favorite piece of arts to open children’s mind to the beauty of art;
  • Julia around the world : discover habits, costumes and places to travel around of the world;
  • Save the planet to teach respect for the earth and all the ecosystems;
  • Letter of the month to learn the alphabet and Increase vocabulary
  • Play with numbers to Improve math skills
  • Music Corner to play with new melodies
  • Each monthly issue is thematic and presents 12/14 sections:
    • 10/12 sections among mazes, stickers, sudoku, coloring page, find the difference, patterns, logic story sequences, dots to dots, puzzle, quiz corner, Animals’name , Memory game, Tangram and collage, little games or videos, art pictures, books’ descriptions, music corner, animated pages, pictures and video;
    • 2 regular corners: Letter of the month, Play with numbers