Princess Draw & Color

Not and ordinary coloring book but a real painting book with new and original functions!

***a brand new collection from Ebooks&kids.

*** APPen functionalities (Giochi Preziosi)

Children can challenge their creativity while painting 18 wonderful and unique princesses or draw freely in their digital personal sketchbook : a whole painting book in their pockets for hours of fun.

Children live in a world made of bridges from fantasy to reality. This app focuses on their imagination and their artistic inspiration.

Every princess is unique, coming from her own world: fire, water, moon, desert, ice and many more . But children can transform them with colors and brush strokes in anything else. Is the fire princess really a fire princess? Is it a natural realistic ambient or is it an abstract painting?

Children have fun using different colors or mixing them as real painters do while choosing different painting techniques and several brush strokes. Painting together is also a great bonding experience for adults and children. Parents can show their kids how to become an Impressionist painter or a Picasso or a Lichtenstein!

This app supports APPen functionalities

APPen is a new electronic pen fitted with a new pressure sensitivity system for tablets and smartphones and designed for children, which allows to draw and play on the devices. It connects through the headphone jack and works without batteries.

APPen is compatible with all iOS devices with an operating system of IOS 4.3 or higher and is with most of devices with an operating system of ANDROID 4 (or higher). All devices must have a touch screen and a combined audio and microphone system, needed to activate the function of pressure sensitivity.

APPen is a product and a trademark of the Group GIOCHI PREZIOSI Spa.

For more information, please, visit . Website is available in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.