Wee Kids Puzzle

Wee Kids Puzzles is an amazing stimulating game!

In Wee Kids Puzzle you reconstruct 9-16 piece puzzles that our artists have designed especially for you!
Move pieces with a simple touch or by dragging them into place. While playing, relaxed by the sound of beautiful background music, you reconstruct images of fish and underwater sea life, cakes and desserts, or even beautiful dolphins and robotic dogs with their space shuttles.
Every time you choose a puzzle, pieces show out in random position, for an endless fun!
Get comfortable and have fun!


  • Wee Kids Puzzle contains 9 to 16 piece puzzles.
  • Created for children aged 5 years and up.
  • For children’s protection, no third-party advertising and no in-app purchase.
  • Wee Kids Puzzle is part of the Wee Kids series dedicated to educational games for children. Parts of this application can be found in the Wee Kids Compilation.


WeeKids Puzzle is available in the following languages : Chinese, French, German, Japanese, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.