Wee Kids Sudoku

Wee Kids Sudoku is a very fun and educational game!

Develop your logical thinking and observation skills while solving entertaining Sudoku games in this amazing app.
In Wee Kids Sudoku you encounter and solve fascinating challenges created with several elements, original free hand drawings with vibrant and bright colors. Get comfortable and challenge yourself by solving different patterns arranged in progressive levels of difficulty. A pleasant and relaxing music will accompany you throughout the game.
Have fun!


  • Wee Kids Sudoku contains several activities, starting from simple grids of only 3 elements then increasing to 4 to 5 elements, and moving up to more complex Sudoku composed of 6 elements.
  • Created for children aged 5 years and up.
  • For children’s protection, no third-party advertising and no in-app purchase.
  • Wee Kids Sudoku is part of the Wee Kids series dedicated to educational games for children. Parts of this application can be found in the Wee Kids Compilation.


WeeKids Sudoku is available in the following languages : Chinese, French, German, Japanese, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.