Wee Kids Math

Wee Kids Math is a truly fun and educational game for children!

It improves mathematical skills through a wide range of graphic and innovative math exercises that develop in exciting and uniquely animated games.
With Wee Kids Math you travel through the world of vegetables, animals, and insects; cross over lands from the South Pole to the Savana passing through Venice and visiting stars and planets. You might ask yourself, “but aren’t you talking about a math app?” Yes! In every one of these scenes you have to recognize numbers, solve calculations and much more: all with bright colors, wonderful images, beautiful music and sound effects.


  • Algebra and arithmetic basics, numbers 0-20, calculations for beginning learners, addition and subtraction.
  • Logic and memory games.
  • For children’s protection, no third-party advertising and no in-app purchase.
  • Wee Kids Math is part of the Wee Kids series dedicated to mathematic skills. Parts of this application can be found in the Wee Kids Compilation.


WeeKids Math is available in the following languages : Chinese, French, German, Japanese, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.