Wee Kids Compilation Vol 1

Wee Kids Compilation- a straordinary “compilation” for children ! With Wee Kids Compilation the game never ends!

Wee Kids Compilation: the new way to improve logical thinking, memory, observation, shape recognition, language and mathematical skills.
Wee Kids Compilation was developed as an activity kit, or rather as an activity eBook, animated and interactive. The game is comprised of a collection of over 15 innovative and intriguing activities created specifically for children for its phases of varied courses and progressive levels of difficulty. The captivating, creative, and vividly colorful graphics are accompanied by beautiful music.
Have fun!


  • Letters of the alphabet, reading and writing activities
  • Arithmatic, geometry, and algebra
  • Logic and memory games: Sudoku, puzzles, stickers, mazes, and memory.
  • Free drawing and coloring exercises
  • For children’s protection, no third-party advertising and no in-app purchase.
  • Wee Kids Compilation includes parts based on the dynamic works found in the Wee Kids series, which have been completely regrouped.


Wee Kids Compilation is available in the following languages : Chinese, French, German, Japanese, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.